What are the best golf grips to avoid blisters?

I have been playing golf for about 2 months and I keep getting nasty sores. I use the stock grips on my ram sensor set. I am 16 and I play baseball so my hands are used to blisters. I even tried easing up my grip but they still hurt. what are the best grips for me and how much will it cost me?

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  1. 1st of tell me you use a smooth glove because if you don’t blisterrs are sure to come

  2. the worst grips are cord grips to give you blisters. Winn grips are the softest feeling grips but if they get wet they are ruined and they are expensive. i recomend lampkin velvet ones because they cheaper and they are long lasting, non-painful grips.

  3. If you hold the grip with less pressure you will have no problem with blisters regardless of the grip material. Cord is certainly the most abrasive grip you can find. May I suggest checking the grip which is used on the Titleist 704 irons? I find those to be well suited.

  4. This is funny, but the softer your grips firmness the more it can cause blisters……I know it seems it should be the other way around….but it is not.

    Also your grips may be too small. You might want to try a midsized are large grip when you regrip. go to the shop and hold them all in your hand. Most good shops will have them mounted on shafts for you to hold.

    I would avoid corded grips right now, they would eat more into your skin at this point.

    After you have played for awhile you will groove a swing and have a very predictable grip with only slight movement in your “strong” hand. once this happens you will develop calluas’ on your fingers in places. Ive done this and never get blisters anymore.

  5. Callaway grips, $40-$300

  6. You didn’t say if you’re wearing a glove on your left hand (assuming you swing right handed). If not, then definitely you should be using one, or possibly one on each hand. No one has softer skin on their hands than many women who play, without blistering problems.
    I also suggest that you have a golf pro check your grip technique. you may be doing something incorrectly which causes the blisters.

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