Planning How To Improve Your Game Of Golf

To be a better golfer what you need is to sit with your PGA pro or golf mentor and innocently make a list of your golf game faults. You may be in the habit of exaggerating your problems and may complicate the whole situation. Why make golf complicated while it is just fun?

During the usual game fault analysis, you need to consider all aspects you can think of. These include short game, attitude on the golf course, driving in the fairway percentage and even greens in regulation. Then there is most important question to ask, “When you hit a poor golf shot where does it go?” How would you face the situation?

You need to find ways towards enjoyment in playing golf. For this, first jot down all the problems you can remember and then prioritize to find out the most affecting ones. When you can sort out the particular problems affecting the ball flight and scoring, you can play better and enjoy.

Start with the prioritized list until you master them. This will lead you towards a successful and enjoyable game of golf.

Goal setting is very important for a win in the golf game. This is like other success stories. You need to have a distinct and clear goal so that with some planned efforts you can be satisfied with a desired result in the next season.

Goals are generally divided into two categories: short term and long term. By planning goals in these two types you will help yourself to have control over different aspects of the game. For example, you may plan that by week two you will have complete control with some particular swing motion.

A winner needs a clear game plan that may include the plan of how many drills a day one will have. Plan which ones to do and when to do.

You can try predicting the weather and your appropriate moves beforehand. Also, plan your schedule of hitting the golf balls at the range.

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