Need tips on teaching my girlfriend how to Golf?

So, finally my gf showed interest in learning how to golf, which make me as happy as little child on x-mas morning. Anyway, I bought her all the equipment, clothes, etc. (I’m proably more excited about her new hobby than she is.) I think its fair to say she sucks. Because frankly she does, and besides shes just beginning. The sucking part is OK, it’s her attitude. She get offended when I tell her shes doing something wrong. I also don’t think she takes my advice serious (BTW, I have a lot of experience golfing). She has potential and I can’t wait for the day we can go golfing together, but she has really bad attitude. And snaps at me when I tell her what to do. Any advice on better training techniques?

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  1. Walking in the parks from one end to the other 😀

  2. Here’s a great tip learned from hard experience: find someone else to teach her, preferably a PGA Professional. Two reasons: a) she’s always going to take your “advice” personally vs. the Pro’s and b) frankly, she’ll get better instruction and ultimately have more fun playing the game.

  3. Back in June, our church reserved the golf club for the afternoon and hosted a free golf fellowship for people who work with the teenagers. My wife suggested that she was interested in playing since it was a free afternoon and would not cost anything so we played. I play at least once per week and she had never played before.

    What I learned is that she simply implied interest in the game so that we could have another avenue of spending time together. Women tend to think that way and I would suggest it’s the same thing for your girlfriend. If she was truly interested in learning how to play golf, she would listen to what more experienced players tell her in regards to improving. It sounds to me like she is simply seeking a way to be with you more often. Maybe you should do what I’ve done – sacrifice a game of golf every once in a while and devote that time specifically to her. It will give her some of the quality time that she is craving and show her that she is more important to you than your golf game.

  4. IMHO, it’s all in the approach. Nobody wants to hear “you’re doing it wrong!” I’ve golfed for 20 years and have seen more than a few of my buddies “teach” their wives/significant others. You can see the look on the newbies’ face with the first words of discouragement. I’ve taken the approach that it’s not about the 1,000 things she does wrong, it’s about the couple of things she does right. Applaud her on the minor victories and help her build a swing around that. Help her “groove” a fluid swing, not nag at her for the mechanics. Try and get her the “feel” that comes along with a great practice swing, and let her know that if she can repeat that feel, she’s better off than most of us with years’ worth of struggles under our belts. Congrats on your new joint endeavor and good luck to the both of you!

  5. I think the 2nd person to answer the question is right on the money.


  7. The best tip I can give you is to pay for a qualified golf instructor to teach her.

  8. it sounds like she is not “teachable” or at least by you…..

    when you guys go practice or play , remember not to try to overload her with information to MUCH ,,,trying to give some one advice every shot gets annoying ,,,,,Try giving her 2-3 pieces of advice everytime you go out and not to over due it ~!

    Here are a Few great ones that i used to hepl teach all my buddies ot play “better golf”…….

    *You have to hit it before you can watch it fly*
    I’ll watch it fly you just hit it
    ((keeping head down)) watch yourself take the divot…

    *Don’t slap at the ball , the Golf swing is ONE motion*
    ((not two motions a steady backswings and a steady follow through are very necessary))

    *There is no “Try” ….DO*……..

    you can only be as good as YOU want to be at this game
    WILL is everything ~!

    PRACTICE *Practice *Practice~!~!~!~!

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