Mastering The Heavy Iron By Hammer Man Lavery Michael J. Lavery is breaking new ground with his revolutionary golf swing concepts. His irons are so heavy that he barely needs to take a backswing and yet he compresses the heck out of the ball. In this video he is hitting a Ben Hogan Apex 9 iron that is 3 inches over standard. It has a swing weight of F8 and is considered to be some seriously heavy iron. Notice that he stands pretty far off the ball at address. His left arm and shaft of the club are on the same plane. On the downswing centrifugal force carries the heavy club head out to the ball. The nature of the Hammer Man golf swing is to approach the game as an ATHLETIC GOLFER. Like many golfers of the past he lifts his left heel way off the ground but has it planted as the downswing starts. Notice that he pushes off the ground with his right foot and the heel is way off the ground just as the downswing is initiated. The back foot slides up over a foot from the time the downswing is initiated and the follow through finishes. There is alot of lateral movement in his swing and this comes from the sports backgound of being a former hockey and baseball player. Thus the swing plane is flatter on the down swing than normal. Because of the eliptical nature of the swing the hands and arms are really extended out towards the target line. There are many similarities to the downswing path that Moe Norman used in his technique. The experience of practicing with extremely heavy golf clubs has been

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  1. Check out my channel. Most of my videos are shot while hitting off of grass. I realize that i have an extremely shallow swing. It is done by design. One of my favorite golfers, Moe Norman was quite shallow too. My driver swing is one of the flatest in the world. It works very well for me. Thanks for your interest. Hammer

  2. i dont think you can do it because you come into the ball too shallow. hitting off of mats(like your doing here ) allows you to drop kick(hit fat ) and still appear to get a solid strike. try hitting a 1iron(borrow one) off of hard pan using that swing and i will be a believer.

  3. I don’t carry a 1 iron. My lowest iron in my bag is a 3 iron and it goes plenty far enough. Thanks for your interest. Hammer

  4. try that swing with a 1 iron off hard pan, then tell me how it works

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