Knockdown Shot

Joe shows off a very unique and helpful shot.

23 Responses to “ Knockdown Shot ”

  1. I Like Joe!

    Thx for all your good info.


  2. @wolverinedawg24 well if he is 7 iron distance and used a 3 iron he wouldnt land on the green to well lol 😮 Much easier hitting a shorter club 100% then properly %ing a longer club :O

  3. Why wouldn’t he just pull out a 3 iron?

  4. IT was alright, but not fantastic. 😉

  5. impact position for knock down is almost the same as full shot the difference is in the release of the hands and wrist low shot very little release of the hands and wrist high shot high release control the trajectory with the release and ball position good lesson here check my lessons out at hitmanhawky and my swing best lessons on the tube thanks

  6. I learn so much stuff from this guy. THAT’S WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT.

  7. I agree zblowfish; punch shots better, see my comment above….

  8. Not a bad video instruction but if the wind is really strong, play the ball back further than center, hood the club slightly and extend hard and low with you hands…

  9. Ball more to the non-target side.
    Take a club (or two more)
    Make a normal 3-9 swing (70%)

  10. Good video. Nice shot…..That’s what I’m talking about : 0

  11. you have to be careful not to twist your hands through impact. If you do, it will result in the ball drawing and wont end where you want it to.

  12. nah i’d say a punch shot will go lower, more for getting under the trees, knockdowns are easier to hold a consistant yardage with a lower ball flight

  13. This shot has been a difference maker for me. Perfecting a knockdown shot from 140-160 yards with a mid-iron has allowed me to attack the pin regardless of the weather.

  14. Isn’t it called a punch shot?

  15. it still whent high but good shot you vidoes are the best

  16. Ouch guys!
    Stop the vid @ 1:32 – that is a wedge, with the trajectory of anything between a 5 & 7i, depending on your style of play…
    If you freeze the recording @ 2:08, you can see how Joe pulls the club thru the ball…
    in particular, note the position of the right hand – ahead of & leading the clubhead…
    This is how to hit an iron, by TRAPPING it with the right hand…
    Good luck out there!!!!

  17. Definitely not a 5 iron. Look at it at like 130

  18. Cool…very watchable vids Joe !!

  19. that was not that low however it was a wicked shot

  20. what a shot

  21. i love hitting punch shots. and i also like teaching them to my friends.

  22. what club was that? seemed like a fairly normal arc to me for say a 5-6 iron…if it was a more lofted club, fair play!

    thanks or the vids, i find mostof em very helpful. Concise too. thumbs up!

  23. wow that was very helpful, you have awsome videos

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