Hank Haney Golf Tip – Swing Plane

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  1. @HankHaneyGolf I have a unique problem, When I play a round of golf, I do pretty well, I my handicap is circa 8.5 – 10.4 depending on good / bad week, and I’ve been taking the game Much more seriously, just trying to get better here and there, but for some reason I cannot hit balls in a non mat driving range for anything, Its like I dig through the ball to much? 😮 What could cause this, and could my shooting get better if I took it out? :O

  2. @HankHaneyGolf how to always make clean contact with the ball and how to hit it in the sweet spot more often!!!!!!!!! PPPLEASE DO THIS ONE HANK HANEY

  3. @HankHaneyGolf preventing fat/thin shots

  4. @HankHaneyGolf One of the worst things a golf instructor can do is to get a player to swing up on an imaginery plane. Any upwards movement will promote a slce. It will also inhibit the turn. In Power Golfer Hogan tells that we should “definitely swing back” in the backswing and that the club should “describe an arc” and that the plane is the end product at the top. Then in MF he brings in the idea of swinging up on a plane. But Hogan’s swing got shallower in fifties.

  5. Ok understand the concept , but could you please explain a simple method by which this can be achieved , swinging on the shaft plane is fine …but how to do it in 3 easy steps??

  6. Our instructors are looking for suggestions on what tips to present, any thoughts guys?

  7. ok let’s slow down. the club shaft is pointing at the target LINE, the baseline, at address. during any plane shift, if the club is parallel to the baseline it is no longer pointing at the baseline……….this is off plane. do you want your shaft in an in line condition to the end point, the golf ball, ….or parallel to it? parallel lines dont intersect……….dope.

  8. @052582 it’s not parallel to the target, dope, listen to what he’s saying. it’s parallel what it was at address

  9. why would you want the club to be parallel to the target instead of at the target. even if you are on a steeper plane than the shaft plane at any point of the swing, if the shaft is parallel to the end point (golf ball), it is OFF PLANE!!!! period. draw a line down hank’s shaft at the top…….it doesn’t point to the golf ball. madness.

  10. we both agree the club loads on the plane or line from the ball to the shoulders.Now look at haney’s address and note that his hands are positioned below that plane.Clearly,his hands will have to move up to get the club parallel at the top. It’s the CLUBHEAD that must never change.The head must stay sqaure on the backswing arc while the hands lever the clubshaft position at the top.

  11. naw, that’s not how the swing plane works. although the line from your shoulder to the ball is what the club should ultimately load on at the top of the backswing, the way you GET it there is by ensuring that the the plane of the club never changes from it’s initial angle at the ball. the club LOADS on the shaft plane AS you swing the club vertically to the top. That’s square.

  12. As the club begins to build up speed and the left hip makes the first move down the target line before it turns backward, the width of the stance will hold up just fine. If you have a tendency to lose your balance, your stance might be to narrow. w w w (dot) golferbreak80 (dot) c0m

  13. a shoulder plane parallel to the shaft plane does nothing for me.I need to know whether the clubface is square and for that I need a swing plane from the ball to my shoulders.Hogan’s pane of glass is still the best swing aid.

  14. this is a GREAT tip

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