Golf Swing trainers to eliminate shanking golf balls?

I have tried the Inside Approach and other training devices, but would like to know if anyone has found, used and had great success with a product that really focuses on making more solid contact with a golf ball and helps improve long iron play. I sometimes shank balls, especially with long irons. Please help! Thanks!

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  1. Truthfully, I would consider stop trying to hit the long irons and make the adjustment to hybrid rescue you club. They are much easier to hit, more accurate, and should get more distance.

  2. I suggest your work on your swing tempo. Accelerate the downswing gradually. I know it only takes 0.18 sec to complete your downswing but don’t start it with too much power. Shanking is often caused by standing too close to the ball. For better ball contact place a club 10 inches in front of your ball it will focus you to hit down on the ball.

  3. Think about tennis or fishing. Once the dreaded hosel rockets begin, you are toast. There is no cure – and please stay away from me as they are contagious.

  4. GOLF is a mental game. First of all, you must believe in yourself. You have got to know that you have the ability ALREADY inside. Now you just have to let it OUT!

    So sit down, where it’s quiet, close your eyes, and see your self hitting the PERFECT swing. See it again in your mind. If you don’t think your “Mental” swing is perfect, then fix it, and fix in your mind. Yeah, I know, you think I’m probably crazy, but I gotta tell ya, it WORKS. The brain controls the body, the brain controls the muscles in the body. Get the brain squared away and the body will follow. Yes, it will take some work; the reward will be worth it….

    This is what I do…and after about a month of CONSISTENT practice, my score dropped and avg. of 2 strokes, sometimes 3 strokes. The result is that the more you think about your swing in your mind, the better. My golfer buddy Sam turned me on to this technique. He first turned me on to watching videos. Then I repeated what I saw, in my minds eye. That really helped me a lot. I think he got them here: Remember, you must practice 1st in the mind and then on the range.

    Also, one last thing, make this experience FUN, so it will drift down into your subconscious mind quicker.

    To your PERFECT Swing!

  5. Try the Jim Flick Swingyde Golf Training Aid. It’s only $30 and it attaches to your club and it helps correct all facets of your swing plane, which you are obviously having an issue with. It helped me out a great deal.

  6. I f you are looking for a longer iron game either get Callaway big bertha irons (Bigger profile irons with xtra distance the 4 iron is like a 3)
    Or just get some hybrids.

  7. save your money, dont spend it on any “magic” product because they dont exist. Spend the money on some lessons where a professional can look at your swing and tell you what you are doing wrong.

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