Getting The Most From Golf Lessons

It is never easy asking for help, but in golf, it is almost a must-do. More’s the pity, we often ask our friends and partners, when, in reality we should take a few lessons with a professional, usually called the Club Pro.

We probably think that a Pro would criticize us too harshly, but in fact,they are honest, positive and usually very helpful.

Golf lessons at the local golf course aren’t as expensive as you probably think and they are worth it too, since your game will get better more rapidly and cause you less frustration, making the game much more enjoyable for you.

It is of vital importance to be absolutely honest about your game. The Pro will ask you what you think you need to learn: driving, chipping, putting or whatever you feel you need help with.

Listen to the Pro golfer very carefully and follow the Pro’s instructions. You may have doubts if the Pro changes your stance, your grip or your swing, but honestly, the Pro does know what is best.

Please don’t hesitate to ask the Pro golfer any questions you may have and don’t worry about whether your question or concern may sound stupid – they’ve been asked it all before and will not make you feel like an idiot for inquiring. If you don’t understand, tell the Pro that you do not get it. You should never walk away from a lesson with unanswered questions.

For example, a course of lessons might be to start with one thing during a lesson, or on several things. You might begin with a lesson on driving; get the grip, the stance, the swing and the follow-through right in one lesson and then practice it ‘for real’ for a few weeks until you feel that you’ve got it more or less right. Next time, you might decide you need help with your short game, or putting.

You’ve invested in your golfing equipment and it isn’t cheap, so it doesn’t make sense not to learn how to use it to it’s best advantage and improve your abilities, does it?

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