3 year old Aidan – the little golfer (Full Version)

Aidan Tran is a 3 year old kid who LOVES TO GOLF. He has unbelievable talent. He can drive, putt, and chip like a pro. His favorite golfer is (of course) Tiger Woods.

18 Responses to “ 3 year old Aidan – the little golfer (Full Version) ”

  1. @idktht im 25 and played for about a year now. I cant get out the darn bunker 😮

  2. I wish I could putt like that

  3. amazing

  4. hes better than me and im 15 haha

  5. amazing so good

  6. the Next tiger woods :]

  7. he is 5 now let u s see him

  8. cant wait to see him when hes older

  9. he celebrates like Tiger except for the jumping

  10. his bunker shots are amazing most kids of 6 can’t get out of a bunker (lol)

  11. too much draw on his swing, but nice swing

  12. i’m a member at this club and this kid is always out there with his dad.

  13. This kid was probably practicing his swing while still in the womb.

  14. i wish i started golf earlier this kids insane

  15. dude this kid is crazy

  16. i am 27 and idolize this kid.

  17. Wow.

  18. wow tht kid is crazy
    tiger stp teaching him how to play

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