What Are The 5 Well-Known Corporate Gifts?

The popularity of corporate gifts has not declined over the years. Many companies nowadays have adopted the culture of corporate souvenir-giving, and many people expect that business firms will give them some token as a sign of gratitude of their patronage.

A corporate gift is generally a small item or object that business firms give to their employees, clients, and/or business partners. As mentioned earlier, the most popular aim of presenting the item is to express appreciation. Corporate gifts can also function as promotional or advertising tools. Corporate souvenir is quite affordable to procure, especially when ordered in bulk, and serves as a less expensive means of advertisement. Below are the five most common types of corporate giveaways.

1. Ball point pen. Pen as corporate gift is greatly appreciated by recipients as they can use it for writing. As an effective promo tool, the name of a company could be emblazoned on the surface of the pen, thus a successful promotional campaign.

2. Lanyard. The lanyard is a fairly new trend in the corporate gifts tradition. Nonetheless, lanyards are quite useful for a number of things, and its popularity as a corporate giveaway has continued to grow over the years. Many business firms now present lanyards (with the company name printed on the straps) to new personnel and staff – symbolizing that they are now part of the corporation.

3. Buttons. Over the years, the badge button is still a very popular corporate giveaway. It allows for the prominent display of a firm’s name, thus serving as an effective promo tool as well.

4. Bag. A corporate gift with some functionality is very very popular in the business environs these days. So, a bag is a wonderful corporate gift, as it serves this aim quite well. The name or company logo could be emblazoned or embossed on one side of the bag, making this into another effective promo and advertising medium.

5. Polo t-shirt. souvenirs that identify employees with their place of work can foster a sense of loyalty in the workforce. So, it is no wonder that the polo t-shirt is a popular corporate souvenir. A piece of clothing, the polo t-shirt can also serve as a mobile advertisement.

It just goes to show that everybody loves to receive gifts.

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